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Community Outreach &
Resource for 
Allergy &
Dietary Needs

CORA is a community centered platform that is designed to assist those with allergies and dietary restrictions find safe and reliable dining options.

CORA provides users with easy to filter information about restaurants, menus, and allergy compatibility, while connecting individuals with their local allergy friendly community.


There is not a comprehensive source of information on allergy friendly restaurants or products, forcing individuals to rely on multiple sources for information and spend a lot of time doing their own research.

The Solution?

By creating an inclusive and reliable source of information that combines professional knowledge with personal experiences from community members, we believe we can create a platform that will allow users to feel more confident in their dining options and spend less time conducting personal research.


I worked alongside two other designers to conduct research & identify users needs. My main focus was in feature prioritization, navigation, and visual prototyping.


Figma, InVision, Miro,

Adobe Illustrator


Two weeks

The Process







Insights + Survey + User Persona + Competitor Analysis

Research & Interviews

Over 10% of Americans are diagnosed with food related allergies and must adhere to a safe diet. This percentage does not include individuals who have other dietary restrictions that may not be allergy related, but due to religious or preferential reasons.

To kick off our research, we conducted five user interviews; all of whom either have or have a family member who has an allergy or dietary restriction.

Key Takeaways

  • Individuals with allergies often feel unsafe or like an inconvenience when dining out.

  • Interviewees say they spend a ton of time researching safe options.

  • There is often unreliable or out of date information on Yelp and Google.

  • Many people are only trusting of others who understand the severity of their allergy situations.

  • Different blogs and Facebook groups have become a main source of information about allergy friendly restaurants.

  • Users will return to the same safe dining options instead of taking a chance on a new experience.

I have to trust other people's reviews and experiences. That's probably 95% of what will lead me towards choosing certain options.


Survey Results

We distributed a short survey that reached 153 respondents, where we asked about their experiences with allergies or other dietary restrictions, and how they navigate information when finding safe options for themselves or loved ones.

Do you have any dietary restrictions?


Over half of respondents either have an allergy, or have someone in their household who does.

How do you research safe dining options?

Call restaurant directly

Rely on Yelp & Google

Allergy related Facebook Groups




Affinity Diagram

We compiled our findings from each interview into an affinity diagram to start better understanding our users needs.

Affinity Diagram

User Persona

Geoff Stark is quite the outdoorsman, exploring all that Oregon has offer while living near his family in Bend. He is a talented rafting and fishing guide and you'll never catch him without his camera. Geoff has to navigate his gluten and dairy allergies while on adventures with friends. They love scoping out new gluten free breweries together in their travels.


Geoff Stark

Age: 32

Location: Bend, OR

Occupation: White Water Rafting Guide

                         Fishing Guide

                         Freelance Photographer

Goals & Needs:

  • Gluten Free & Dairy Free

  • Always has to plan ahead

  • Likes to eat local & organic

Pain Points:

  • Restaurants have limited allergy information.

  • Researching is time consuming.

  • Concerned with his safety when dining out.

  • Doesn't want to miss out on dinners with friends.

Competitor Analysis

Discover allergy friendly restaurants & hotels

Community based

Customizable by allergy

Not widely used or up to date in all areas

Only one allergy profile can be created

Scan food labels to verify if it is allergen safe

Customizable by allergy

Partnered with many different companies

Brand approved data & clinically validated

Only features products, no dining


Grocery store that offers many allergy friendly products & some dining options

Can shop & place orders online

Shopping on app can be filtered by allergy

Only applicable to Whole Foods & the products they carry



Feature Prioritization + User Flow + User Scenario + Sketches

Feature Prioritization Matrix

Based on our research, we learned that some of the most trusted and valuable information comes from the experiences of others with similar circumstances. We knew that creating a community platform with the ability to review restaurants and connect with others in your area would be an important feature. We also wanted to focus on the ability to create multiple allergy profiles, so filtering options for friends and family should be a simple task.

Feature Prioritization Matrix

User Flow

Our user flow focuses on a simple, streamlined landing page that directs the user to local, personalized dining recommendations, blog posts, and opportunities to connect with the community.

User Flow

User Scenario

Geoff is planning a trip with his friends. Let's see how it's going!



In our early sketches we focused on personal allergy profile creation, restaurant detail screens, and explored different ways to filter search results based on restrictions and users.



Wireframes + Testing + Feedback

Low Fidelity Wireframes

Usability Testing

The Plan:

We tested our low fidelity prototype with four different users.

Our main objectives throughout testing were to:

  • Confirm that the user understands the purpose of the app.

  • Identify pain points or screens where the user might get stuck.

  • Find out if information is easy to access.

We gave our testers three tasks to complete:

  1. Sign up and create a personalized allergy profile.

  2. Locate "Beryl's Burgers" and view their menu.

  3. Start a new thread on the local chat feature.

Lo-Fi Prototype Testing


  • Testers were able to complete all three tasks.

  • Testers felt that the green background was too dark.

  • The purpose of the app was not clear upon first interaction.

  • Users liked the ability to create more than one allergy profile.



Mid-Fi + Style + Iterating + High Fidelity Prototypes

Mid Fidelity Screens

Style Guide

We wanted CORA to feel inviting and reliable. We used soft corners and an earthy green in our buttons to ground the experience. Familiar iconography throughout the navigation helps to guide the user, and simple information cards provide enough context without being overwhelming. We used SF Pro throughout the application for its neutral qualities and readability.

Style Guide

Iterations from Mid to High Fidelity

While working through our design rounds, we put a huge emphasis on navigation. While our initial prototype does not have a ton of features, the opportunities for expansion of the application is quite vast. With room for growth in mind, we added an main navigation bar along the bottom and included more features available from the hamburger menu.

Browsing Restaurants

CORA's goal is to become ​your go to search engine for safe and reliable dining options. Since CORA will first recommend restaurants based on location, we introduced a map view to the search screen, with the option to toggle between the map and list views.

Map View

List View


Search Filters

Hi Fi Filter.png

Filters to Fit Your Needs

CORA has a unique feature that allows you to add multiple user profiles. By creating multiple profiles, you can select all allergens or dietary restrictions that pertain to individuals in your life. You can then quickly adjust your search results to accommodate those dietary needs, making it simple to include all of your friends and family.

Color coded profile icons appear along with search results so you can see which options are ideal for each individual at a glance.

High Fidelity Prototype

Getting Started

Search Options

Opportunities & KPI's

Future Opportunities

  • Partnerships with restaurants to share their menus & the ingredients in dishes.

    • Menus searchable by allergen​

  • Reward features that encourage users to post reviews and add new dining options to grow the platform.

  • Online ordering & delivery partnerships.

  • Host community events or retreats.

KPI Tracking

  • Increase in App sign-ups

  • Increase in referrals

  • Increase in reviews & positive reviews confirmed by other users

  • Increase in desired partnerships & cooperation from restaurants & other businesses


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