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so here's the scoop.

I love that feeling when you're testing out something new and it doesn't quite work how you think it will so you get just a little bit giddy 'cause now you get to figure it out, ya know?
...just me?

I studied fine art at the University of Oregon, where I focused my major in metalsmithing and jewelry making. It was through this journey where I began to understand and fall in love with that thing we refer to as The Process.


Well I didn't go on to create headpieces for Met Gala attendees, but I did grow my skill sets with a budding young design and fabrication company. In my first role as a product designer, I was part of a talented team that designed and built custom experiences like event stages, trade show

booths, and fully immersive environments. Here, I wore many hats and had my hands in every phase of that process; from design and material testing, through execution and project management, to leading final installation crews on site. While I'd occasionally be getting my hands dirty, you could always find me behind my computer screen, composing 3D models, researching materials, managing timelines, and (that never ending) troubleshooting.

​Although 2020 was a booming* year for the events industry, I took on the career pivot and completed my UX/UI Certificate through my alma mater. As I've often thought about future career opportunities, UX couldn't have been a more natural transition for me. I've had a blast creating unique, physical experiences. Time to go digital! This platform allows me to satisfy my inherent desire to learn and create, while exploring the ways we can use technology to elevate our lives, our businesses, and each other. Here, I can utilize my strengths and passions in a purposeful way, and hope to have many opportunities to make a positive impact in people's day to day lives.

I'm excited to have found myself in this space and can't wait to see what comes next. If I've learned anything from this whole journey, it's that you just have to trust The Process.

*literally bombed.

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